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You never know what someone will come up with these days. There are so many types of slot games out there, and more are thought up every day. Nowadays there are video slots, and the multi-line slots are getting pretty popular. Used to be that there was just one way to win at slot games. You had to get three identical symbols in the window. Now there are these crazy ones that have so many ways to win, it’s like a connect-the-dot game or something.

Don’t get me wrong, I just love the slots. I’m just partial to the old-style slot games with one line to win, and three reels. I guess I just like the simpler things in life. But I’m not here to reminisce; I’m here to tell you about different slot games, so you’ll have a good idea of what it’s all about when you start to play. There are a few major types of slot games that I should tell you about. First of all there are the regular slot games where you have to match the symbols across the center to win. But there’s another type of these machines called multiplier slots games. These ones will increase your winnings, depending on how many coins you put in. So for instance, if you put in one coin, the maximum payout may be $1000, but for 2 coins, maybe it’s $5000, and for 3 coins, $10,000. You’re still trying to hit identical symbols across the middle, but as you can see, the multiplier, as it’s called, can really make for one of the more exciting slot games.

Next on my list is the progressive slot games. I won’t go into them too much here cuz I’ve got a whole page dedicated to that type, since they’re so popular. I’ll just say that they’re really taking off in popularity because the jackpots are so fricken’ huge! These machines are joined together in big networks, and pool their resources, so to speak, and share in a massive jackpot that can be won at any time.

Last but not least are the multiple pay line slot games. These are the ones I was talking about at the top of the page. There’s no just one way to win on a spin. There can be win lines that go across above and below the center line, as well as diagonally from the corners, and sometimes even in some other pattern from one side to the other. It’s really confusing to me. If I’m playing those kind of slot games, I just pull the arm and let the machine tell me if I got anything. There’s really no way to figure them out, cuz they’re all different anyway. But it does mean that there are more ways to win on a given spin. So there ya go.

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