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Slot machines! You gotta love ‘em! There’s nothing simpler than popping in a coin and pulling the arm. They’ve, as I said on my first page, have a long history as gambling devices. I always find it interesting to go looking at sites that talk about antique slot machines. There are some pretty cool (and expensive!) oldies out there. I’d love to have one of those old slot machines from the 30’s or so in my house. I bet they sound real cool too. I wouldn’t like to have one of the newer, electronic slot machines in my house though. I was reading up on them a while ago, and the first thing they tell you is how to turn down the volume on them. They were built for a very noisy atmosphere after all, so it’s understandable, but you’re warned that even at low volume setting, they can be pretty loud.

But back in the real early days of casinos, and old-time gambling houses, the granddaddy slot machines were made of cast metal, and had clanking gears and real ringing bells; none of this electronic noise and flashing lights. Much more classy if you ask me. And you can even get old penny slot machines, or nickel ones if you like. None of this $1 or more a pull. Did you know that some of the earliest slot machines were in bars, and that some of them paid out in credits that were good for drinks at the bar? What a deal? I guess if you won real money, you’d be apt to spend it right there anyway, but this way, there’s no chance of you walking out of that bar with your winnings. And just think of it; sitting at one of those ancient slot machines, and getting on a real winning streak. You’d be plastered in no time with all the free drinks! But the bars weren’t the only ones making the profits from the machines too, cuz they were rented for half the take, so anything they could do to make patrons stay at the slot machines, they would.

There’s not much else I can say about slot machines. There’s not much to them after all. Just put in a coin and pull the handle, and start wishing!

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